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This Will Be “Quick”

I am very busy, and I’m very happy about that, because there was a time that I had too little work and therefore, too little money.  BUT, I’m not trying to brag, because being busy can be STRESSFUL, and stress is bad.

Therefore, when I’m stressed, I comfort myself with this little saying:  “Time doesn’t exist, anyway”.

My challenge to you (and myself) today, is if you feel stressed about time, whether if you’re feeling guilty for wasting it, feeling stressed that there’s not enough of it, etc, just say to your self, “time doesn’t exist anyway“, and see if you feel better (and also see if you end up having a pretty productive day).

If you are the type that needs to understand why you should do something someone is telling you to do, especially when it sounds insane, then you might want to read this first to understand why I would ask you to do this.

Then do it, and tell me how much better it made you feel all day long.

xoxo, Mere

Confession: I’m Not Sure What We Eat.

Actually craving lettuce, but there is no lettuce for me.

I’ve given up on cooking dinner for the past 2 or 6 weeks.  It all started when I lost my job, and began working full time on launching my own business.  In my frantic effort to create my own income, I put home cooked food last on my list of priorites. Before the incident that got me kicked to the curb (more about that another day), I had just started getting into a really great cooking groove, and I at least prepared (not always cooked, pre-prepped grocery store food was my friend) dinner just about every night.  When I first started that job, it took me about 5 months before I could handle working all day, picking up the kids, and cooking dinner.  I relied heavily on my husband’s help, and takeout.  Just when I finally found my groove, I lost that job, and now I’m back to square one.  I’m really not sure what we eat.  I know we’re eating, because we aren’t losing weight or passing out, but it can’t be very good food.

The other day I had a memory of a time when my friends were telling me that I’m so good at meal planning and grocery budgeting.  They actually wanted me to help them come to grips with their cooking dysfunction.  What happened to that person?  Did full time worker mom kill her?  I think she did.

It’s time to stop the insanity.  It’s really not that hard to plan 3-4 nights of dinners and buy accordingly.  So, here goes, this is my menu plan for the next 4 nights.  Each of these things takes about 10-15 minutes of prep time.  I’ll try to be good and blog the recipes as I make them.

Quinoa Salad
Spicy Crispy Chicken Thighs, Rice and Yellow Squash
Chicken Soft Tacos
Polish Dill Pickle Soup

This is my challenge.  I will make this shit, because I’ve now blogged about it and if I fail, the world will know.