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It’s the night before Christmas at my apartment.

Write that list!

I celebrate Christmas with my kids the weekend before the actual Christmas. We’ve always had to do it this way, because they go to Pennsylvania on the standard Christmas day.  Before I was divorced, I went too. Now that I am divorced, their dad goes there with them. He seems to enjoy the hubub of…

Happy Holidays, I’ll Leave You Alone Now.

I just realized I am now, a Connecticut folk.

I just got back from Stop and Shop. I’m making this tonight: allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chickpea-Curry/Detail.aspx. I get there, and the Salvation Army dude is out front, loudly singing Christmas carols.  This is new!  I totally get what he’s trying to do, and god bless him, but I think he was just making everyone uncomfortable. Connecticut folks don’t…