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I just realized I am now, a Connecticut folk.

Happy Holidays, I’ll Leave You Alone Now.

I just realized I am now, a Connecticut folk.

I just got back from Stop and Shop. I’m making this tonight: allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chickpea-Curry/Detail.aspx. I get there, and the Salvation Army dude is out front, loudly singing Christmas carols.  This is new!  I totally get what he’s trying to do, and god bless him, but I think he was just making everyone uncomfortable. Connecticut folks don’t really appreciate a good spectacle.

Nonetheless, as he’s singing and I’m thinking about how awkward it was, I look over and see a tiny old lady slowly trying to open her trunk.  She was a mess, it looked like she hadn’t left the house on her own in a long time.  I got all sappy, and I walked over all proud of myself, and started helping her. I think I scared the shit out of her.  I think I embarrassed her, too. Apparently I’d forgotten that Connecticut folks pretty much want you to stay the hell out of their faces, and don’t look them in the eyes either.

It’s OK Connecticut folks. I kid, because I love.

I want to just thank y’all for reading, we’re a new blog, but we’re having a great response and are really appreciate those who take the time to read and comment!  Happy Holidays!