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Girly Party Package Giveaway!


We’ve hit a major milestone, and reached 200 posts on Yin Mom, Yang Mom! Allie and I have learned so much about life, support, community and artistic expression in the last 10 months.  This blog has been an adventure for us both, and we have so many more milestones that we’re looking forward to reaching.…

Celebrating a Beautiful Little Person’s Birth

We recently threw a birthday party for Brooke.  This is my second attempt at a kid birthday party since becoming a mother 5 years ago.  My first attempt was when Brooke was 1. Every new mom is pretty much obligated to throw a first birthday party for their first child.  Some decide to continue to…

Meal Planning – Kid Food!


Today is my Brookie’s 5th birthday!  Most people would say 5 years flew by, but I think it felt like 5 years.  Brooke is a beautiful fairy sprite, and I am completely head over heels in love with her.  She came into this world and completely turned mine upside down.  Being her mom has taught…