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Hi. I wanted to check in, because I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog and Facebook lately. I’ve been adjusting to yet another new way of life. I was offered a full time graphic design job at a local print shop, and another position with a small newspaper. I also was working on a freelance design project for a long time client, while also working on divorce paperwork, taxes, dodging calls from bill collectors, and trying to have an actual family life.

These things happen. We all go through times when we feel like it’s getting heaped on us too thickly. Sometimes these phases come with health problems and deaths in the family as well, yipeee!

Well, I managed to breathe through it, and am now left with a healthier balance. A full time job, a part time Etsy shop, still some divorce and tax paperwork, the ability to pay bills, rather than dodge calls, and a thriving, extremely cuddly family life.

You may have noticed that the Etsy shop was in vacation mode recently. That was due to an extreme need for sleep. Now sleep’s been had, and I’m back in biz. Bring it!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. xo

Peace, good luck and good health in 2014 ♡


Hi, how are you? How have you been? I know I’ve been super out of touch. 2013 was the strangest year, wasn’t it??? While I haven’t posted very much of late, I certainly have not forgotten about this blog, and was waiting for the right moment to pop my head in and talk about some interesting stuff.

As you know, Allie’s been working hard on her pretty blog; Baking a Moment, And I’ve been busy running my Etsy store; Mere’s All Natural.  I cannot believe how incredibly happy that job makes me. It’s also very scary and stressful at times, but ultimately I am blown away with gratitude and encouragement because of how my customers have helped it to grow.

I also had a very big life change, I am in the process of getting a divorce, which if anyone has ever done this before, please can I get a witness… is this not the most crazy roller coaster ride of emotions EVER?  Though, what we’re going through is about as amicable as can be, thankfully.

But I didn’t come here to depress you, I came to give you news, and reflect on how amazingly strange and magical life can be if you let it, in the midst of comfortable and uncomfortable changes.

Also, I came here to tell you that I have a new blog with a focus on natural products, personal empowerment, art, parenting, and news related to new Mere’s products and goodies like that!  You can read this blog at  



So, I will still pop in over here from time to time, but be sure to come on over to Mere’s (blog) for some good convo and fun goodies. See you soon, I’ve missed you!

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Guest Post – P&G Everyday

I’ve been fortunate enough to be picked to write two pieces for P&G Everyday, which is a fantastic mommy-blog! Feel free to read my posts, and don’t forget to explore the whole site, because there’s so much good info there!

Here are the links:

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True ForgivenessI recently posted about self-forgiveness, which is something that has contributed greatly to any iota of mental “health” that I may be experiencing in this time of my life.  I believe it’s truly something that is one of the keys to nirvana (or even just simple happiness and fulfillment).

Recently, I’ve learned that gratitude is possibly another one of those keys. With our unbelievably busy lives, rife with expectations, goals and failures, sometimes it’s really hard to feel grateful. It’s not even something that crosses our mind, let alone our to-do list.

So, knowing this, I decided to do a little experiment, and I decided to sit still, close my eyes, give my busy monkey mind permission to go play on the swingset, think of passing thoughts as passing clouds (that go unnoticed), and focus on the word gratitude. Say thank you, to myself, my home, my shoes, the sounds of passing cars, anything I was conscious of in that moment, but MOSTLY, thank you to ME, for being me, the me that got me here, the me that keeps me happy.

And you know what happened?  I became overwhelmed with a feeling of euphoria.

I think these feelings are catching.

Please, if you have a chance, try this exersize.  Maybe if we all do this every day, we’ll all see more magic happening all around us.

What’s Working

I haven’t posted anything about health in a while.  When this blog started back in November, I was in the throws of having recently lost my job, and 6 days later, starting symptoms of thyroiditis.

Thyroiditis was dominating my thoughts at that time, and with good reason, it was causing a deafeningly-loud whooshing sound in my right ear.  It was enough to drive a person mad, and I began clamoring for an answer to what was causing it, and more importantly, how to make it stop, IMMEDIATELY!

That began my journey, which eventually led me to read a book, and now I’m in a pretty good place with it all.  It went away, for the most part.  And it happened so gradually that I almost didn’t even notice.

Today I began to really think; out of all the things I tried (and I did a lot: working out, going sober, elimination diets, meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage) what were the ones that really WORKED?

The answer?  The most effective thing was to stop working on it.  I pretty much just stopped thinking about it. I also worked hard on eliminating any negative feelings about anything. ANYTHING.  So no worrying.  No brooding.  NO BLAMING (the key).

When a friend complains about work being boring, my first thought was to get annoyed at my job, because yes, it sucks sometimes!  Instead I’d put a good spin on it and say, yes, work is a great place to catch up on your daydreaming and web surfing.

It just makes me feel lighter to laugh at the crap that sucks, which relaxes my muscles in my face and neck, which allows my ear to drain more freely (ew).

I also give some credit to my HerbaSway teas.  There’s a lot of antioxidants in those, it’s gotta be helping. :)

I still drink wine, eat cheese, sometimes forget to eat, and drink coffee.

I do those things when I feel like it.

I don’t hold back if I don’t want to,
because I trust that my body will talk to me when it wants me to stop.

And then I’ll rest until I feel better.

And everything will be fine. Always. :)