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Happy Holidays, I’ll Leave You Alone Now.

I just realized I am now, a Connecticut folk.

I just got back from Stop and Shop. I’m making this tonight: allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chickpea-Curry/Detail.aspx. I get there, and the Salvation Army dude is out front, loudly singing Christmas carols.  This is new!  I totally get what he’s trying to do, and god bless him, but I think he was just making everyone uncomfortable. Connecticut folks don’t…

The most joyous sound.

Today I was driving in my car to the 7th circle of hell mall, and I heard this terror-inducing banshee shriek glorious melody emanating from my high quality stock Hyundai speakers.  This frantic masterpiece so completely sums up the whole madness inducing hysteria that we’ve created for ourselves at Christmastime.  I love the deafening irony…