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The Pursuit of Slim -or- Shapewear That Doesn’t Make You Wanna Scream

Don't look at the streaky fingerprints on my mirror. Dont.

A couple of years ago, I decided it would be a good idea to get a real, grown up job. One that required me to sit in an office, wear a blazer, and talk to other human beings, unlike the work-at-home job I’d been dealing with (and since, went back to). The benefits of being…

Great Skin Giveaway with Sibu Beauty!


I have a confession. Big surprise, right? I am completely ridiculously inconsistent. I change my mind at the drop of a hat. My husband frequently says, “you sure don’t mind changing your mind” . All throughout my life, I was CERTAIN that when the time came for me to get older, and start getting wrinkles…

What’s Cookin?


I have not faded away, I am still here, remember me? Oh my gosh you guys. It’s been a strange couple of months. Strange, wonderful, and eye opening. Turns out, starting a new business, when you’re already working full time, takes up a lot of your energy. Who knew? It’s been really wonderful though, and…