I am a freelance graphic designer. I make and sell handmade body care products at shows, boutiques and via Etsy at http://meresallnatural.com. I am also a single mother of two small, wonderful people. I like to draw, read, write, take pictures and play violin, among other things.

I am frequently overcome with gratitude for the picturesque and emotionally supported life I lead, although I am often making efforts to control my stress level for all of the usual reasons; lots of work, lots of debt, not a ton of money, going through a divorce, being a working mother, the list goes on… So, I make efforts to be as real as I can with my readers, because I personally love to hear feedback on how sharing my experiences have affected my fellow humans. I believe it’s therapeutic for all.

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  1. susan rogers

    Love the blog ladies. I am a friend of your mom. I think you need to come and cook for me on a daily basis. The food makes my taste buds come alive, just looking at them

    Susan Rogers

    1. yinmomyangmom

      You are not alone, lol. God bless, 19 months is close. Mine are 23 months apart, and now that they’re 5 and 3 it’s MUCH easier. It’s so cute to see them play together too. Hang in there mama!


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