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Something I really hate that I have to write about.

The most insane thing happened yesterday. A man named Brad Stone, who I was once friends with, went on a killing spree in my hometown. He killed his ex wife, in front of his 2 kids. He then killed her sister, the sister’s husband, their 14 year old daughter, and injured their son. He also killed his ex’s grandmother, and her friend, before killing himself.

He was a marine vet with PTSD. Before he was a marine, he was strange, though he was kind to me.

So kind that when I got beat up by a drunk girl at a high school party, he pulled her off of me, hugged me and took me home, while lot of other people laughed. I didn’t know he would be capable of what happened yesterday.

It is clearly, such a senseless act, aggravated by a deeply flawed society. It’s also an act that is becoming our new normal. 7 lives lost, the day after the second anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.

There isn’t a lot anyone can do about this kind of problem, without first opening up their mind about it. I have found these resources to be useful.


PTSD Awareness – About Face

Some evidence of a safe treatment
Please note I’m not plugging Young Living by sharing this article. They’re fine, but there are a ton of also super fine brands out there.

How to treat PTSD in adults and children with homeopathy


I hope there’s some peace that can be found in the effort to change this new normal.


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  1. December 17, 2014 at 7:48 am

    Wow, Mere. That is certainly unnerving: to have violence so tangible in your life. I truly believe that much of our gun violence stems from mental health issues. Until we deal with those, we will always be at risk.