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Art That’s Currently Making My Heart Explode – Sam Wolfe Connolly

I think everyone must have a deep, longing belief that if they had done some other career or craft, instead of what they’re doing, they’d have complete fulfillment. I have several. One of them is illustrating. I really, really wish I was an illustrator. However, when I sit down to draw, I tend to scratch out some outlines, and then get bored or distracted or frustrated by my lack of skills (due to my lack of practice) and I realize I have other things to do.

Ah well, the least I can do is admire admire admire those who are working hard to hone their skills.

Yay for art. Here’s an artist that I stumbled across, and would like to share with you. His name is Sam Wolfe Connolly. These are some of my favorites, I hope you enjoy:




‘The Butcher’


‘Autumn Window’

'Home After Dark'

‘Home After Dark’

'It's Only The House Settling'

‘It’s Only The House Settling’


You can view Sam’s website at samwolfeconnelly.com,
and follow him via the following: TUMBLR . TWITTER . FACEBOOK



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