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Get Pretty – Pixie Addition

This post is a little embarrassing. It is proof that I probably think a little more about how I look than is considered cool. It’s just that with this crazy winter, I’ve been feeling a little drab and boring. In the beginning of the season, I was all about the big, cozy sweater, black jeans and boots. It was a uniform. It was a GREAT uniform. Functional, warm, passively chic. It served a good purpose. However, it’s been worn almost every day now for the past 4 months, and I am officially over it, and motivated to have some fun.

As I write this, there is about 8 inches of fresh snow on the ground. I do not care. Fuck warmth, I want to feel like I look nice again.

So, I began by chopping off all of my hair. My head is cold, but I was told recently by an acquaintance that I now look like a college student, so it’s worth it.

My hair was long before, long like this:


Now it is short, short like this:



I can’t imagine going from that long to that short in one fell swoop, however, so it kind of progressed like this:



Till I finally grew balls and cropped the back.

So now that I finally got the cut right, I realize that a few extra-femme things are in order. So here are some Polyvores to inspire:







Of course I’m not going to throw away my uniform, because it’s still freezing, and that would be madness. But breaking it up a bit and perhaps making peace with feeling shivery every once in a while will not kill a bitch.

If you’re thinking about being a risky risk taker and cutting your own hair, or having a trusted friend do it for you, here’s a tutorial that helped me:


Also, you can visit my Pinterest for more hair inspirations, and check out my Polyvore for outfits.

Lastly, thank you Sabato for the photography. Check out Sabato’s amazingness over here.

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