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Peace, good luck and good health in 2014 ♡


Hi, how are you? How have you been? I know I’ve been super out of touch. 2013 was the strangest year, wasn’t it??? While I haven’t posted very much of late, I certainly have not forgotten about this blog, and was waiting for the right moment to pop my head in and talk about some interesting stuff.

As you know, Allie’s been working hard on her pretty blog; Baking a Moment, And I’ve been busy running my Etsy store; Mere’s All Natural.  I cannot believe how incredibly happy that job makes me. It’s also very scary and stressful at times, but ultimately I am blown away with gratitude and encouragement because of how my customers have helped it to grow.

I also had a very big life change, I am in the process of getting a divorce, which if anyone has ever done this before, please can I get a witness… is this not the most crazy roller coaster ride of emotions EVER?  Though, what we’re going through is about as amicable as can be, thankfully.

But I didn’t come here to depress you, I came to give you news, and reflect on how amazingly strange and magical life can be if you let it, in the midst of comfortable and uncomfortable changes.

Also, I came here to tell you that I have a new blog with a focus on natural products, personal empowerment, art, parenting, and news related to new Mere’s products and goodies like that!  You can read this blog at https://meresallnatural.wordpress.com/.  



So, I will still pop in over here from time to time, but be sure to come on over to Mere’s (blog) for some good convo and fun goodies. See you soon, I’ve missed you!

(PS: be sure to enter the giveaway, I’m giving away a Free Mere’s All Natural Lemon Rosemary Combo – Whipped Cream Body Balm and Deodorant in the  2 oz. size!  Click Here to read that post and enter to win!  Good luck! ♡)



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