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The Pursuit of Slim -or- Shapewear That Doesn’t Make You Wanna Scream

A couple of years ago, I decided it would be a good idea to get a real, grown up job. One that required me to sit in an office, wear a blazer, and talk to other human beings, unlike the work-at-home job I’d been dealing with (and since, went back to).

The benefits of being gainfully employed did not quite outweigh the drawbacks. And, as a result of the stress, timesuckage, and daily takeout lunches (with a coworker whom I believe I was in competition with to see who could eat the most. Why, I will never know.) I ended up gaining about 20 extra pounds within a few months.

My clothes were too tight, and I really didn’t want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe, since I wasn’t planning to keep that 20 pounds, so I started seriously considering purchasing some type of slimming shapewear, which is a very serious and important decision, indeed.

So, I did a little research and found this gorgeous piece of aesthetic finery!  The fact alone, that I thought this would somehow improve my appearance, is a straightforward testiment to the level of cuckoory that I was experience during my stint as an office professional:


Pure sex.

I wore it one time. It was hot, itchy, it created strange bulges on my thighs and belly, and when I leaned over to pick something up, was noticable to anyone checking for plumber butt (and yes, there were cries of disapproval from my honest-to-a-fault coworkers).

So when I was approached by Leonisa to review their Slimming Control Cami (yay, perks of blogging!), I was curious to see if the above is the type of thing one can expect from their shapewear. So, I put it to the TEST. Since there are all types of women, doing all types of jobs out there, I wore the cami for 12 hours on a day that included sitting at a computer, driving, walking, working in a kitchen, and taking care of children.  The results?

– I like how this cami looks. Unless you’re savvy to these kinds of things, no one would know that it’s shapewear, and not just a simple black tank.

– It’s good for layering under just about anything.

– It doesn’t flatten my chest any more than it already is.

– It didn’t cause me to overheat on an incredibly hot day.

– It’s cut on a nice bias, so it nipped my waist in, and wasn’t so tight that caused any weird blobby bulges.

– It’s comfortable, as long as you don’t mind having to pull it down from time to time, as tight things seem to want to creep themselves up into the smaller parts of your curves.  This was the only drawback for me, but wasn’t a huge problem, and mainly only happened while sitting and driving.

– I have willingly worn it again!

Don't look at the streaky fingerprints on my mirror. Dont.

Don’t look at the streaky fingerprints on my mirror. Dont.

All in all, if you’re looking for a nice, comfy way to give you a more toned looking body on days when you might be feeling a little fluffier than usual, I’d totally recommend this little number. You can check it out HERE

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