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I’ll Tell You a Story…

Recently I looked at my face in the mirror and thought, “I think it might be time to start using some kind of grown up face cream”.

For years I’ve been super all natural, and while I do wear (kind of a lot) of makeup, I’ve tried to use natural and/or organic stuff as much as possible.  For moisturizer, I used sweet almond oil, and it worked really great.

But…I’ve just noticed in the last year or so, my face seems like it’s starting to feel the gravitational pull, and I need something that says “firming” on the box.

So I looked around a bit, and decided to try BB Cream.  I bought this one, L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream (nature be DAMNED!).  I works really well!  My face was looking super smooth, it’s got tint to it, so it made it look all-one color!  It also helps a little bit over time with dark spots.  I was happy.

THEN, I got a sample of this sweet little number from Birch Box called Wei to Go Ideal Skin.  This is different, it’s a CC Cream!  It’s more like a (good) foundation, but it moisturizes!  It has a nice, soft matte finish.  I looked EVEN BETTER!!!!  I was thrilled, and unperturbed by the $30 per ounce price tag.  Even though I still had half a tube of BB Cream, I whipped out that credit card, put the Wei in my cart, and…… MY COLOR WAS (and still is)  SOLD OUT.

You go to hell Birch Box, you go to hell and you die!

OK, so, then I find out Olay is coming out with a CC Cream!  I RUN to Target.  I run to the aisle, and there’s one left!  It’s in my color!  I smile!

The salesgirl asks me if I’m OK.  I tell her about CC Cream and all its wonders.  She smiles at me, like I’m a child, and walks away.  I don’t care if she thinks I’m crazy.  I will look so good!!!

Long story short, the Olay sucked.

It wasn’t even as good as the L’Oreal BB Cream.

It made my face shiny and didn’t even my skin tone.

I returned it to Target, shamed.  I was so scared to run into that same sales girl, but thankfully I didn’t.

So, moral of the story… actually there isn’t one.

Don’t buy the Olay one.  Buy the Wei one if you can get your color, and the L’Oreal BB cream is pretty good.

Bye Bye!

xoxo, Mere

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