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Donuts, Olives, Hot Dogs, and Some Healthy Stuff

This week there are people in my house who are sick.  I’m working hard at not catching it, so far so good, knock on wood.

I’ve been eating a lot of garlic, and drinking all kinds of antioxidant concoctions.  It’s working, I know it.


Tonight I wasn’t too hungry at dinnertime, after a busy day of eating donuts, hot dogs and olives.  My husband made himself some Ramen Noodles with chunks of hot dog floating in it, which didn’t appeal me (go figure!).  So, I made some yummy steamed kale tossed with raw minced garlic, parmesan and some apple cider vinegar.  Then I toasted up some bread and butter.  It was a nice little dinner that didn’t make me feel unhealthy, so I thought I’d share.

I know the picture is horrendous, which is why I used Instagram to fool you into thinking it was artsy!

Kale w/ Yummy Bread

Consider yourself fooled sucka!

I ate it all, then screwed it all up and ate 2 chocolate enrobed donuts.  I may or may not be drinking a martini now.  There’s always tomorrow.

xoxo, Mere

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