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LTB: Warning, Geek Talk!

I’d like to thank my sketchbook, my headphones, my wine, my pencils, phone and computer and kitchen, for getting me this far…

I’m working on my website.  This is always such a daunting process for a web designer, and probably any kind of designer.  To design your own thing.  You are quite possibly your own worst enemy.

It’s taken me about 6 months to nail down the overall feeling of the website.  All this truly consists of is a background, header, content area, and footer. It should be simple.

It wasn’t.  And part of the reason for that is because I needed to learn some new programming stuff.

It was a pain, but I learned it!  And I have the overall template almost set up.  It’s a little bare bones, but I have plans in the works.  You can see it here! (I’m aware that my background image loads too slow, working on it!)

In case you’re wondering, I use Business Catalyst as the content management system (I’m also a reseller), and they give their designers handy tools and content to build their businesses.  The copy you see is theirs, and will be different once I get that far.

Also, I used a cool blogger girl’s guide to building the overall style, and you can see her blog/that post here and here, respectively:



Thanks CSS Girl, way to represent the ladies!


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